Children winter clothes: How to dress up your preschool child during cold months?

children winter clothes

Spending time outside is a daily integral part of children during school time and thus, correct clothing items for children, especially in cold winter months. Apparently, your neglect could lead to some kinds of illness for your children: catching a cold, getting coughed, running noses or having temperature and so on. Protect your children in such kind of tricky weather is important for their happy school. Let’s read this article and you will be guided to some useful tips to choose children winter clothes for your preschool children during cold months!

Choosing woolen or knit fabrics

Back in time, woolen fabrics were often thought to be thick, itchy and uncomfortable and only suited for wearing on top of normal clothes such as sweater of jackets. However, nowadays, the quality of wool has got so refined that woolen underwear is so warm, smooth ad allows the skin to “breathe”. During the cold months, it is a good idea to dress up your children with this clothing items which is either 100% wool or a wool and cotton blends. Apart from wool, knit fabric is also a worth-mentioning children winter clothes. Not only being warm, the fabric also own a surprising stretch ability and thus, can drape well to the body type, bringing comfort to the wearer.

children winter clothes

Being flexible with layers

It is smart that you dress your children in layers since the weather could be unstable, say, the temperature drops and rises erratically. It allows your children to take off a layer or add one depending the mood of the weather as well as their level of engagement in activities. Start with undershirt and tights, or long underwear. Then, put your children on long-sleeved shirt and trousers. On top of that, a woolen sweater is a good choice. Finally, a coat such as quilted coat, tweet coat or snow-proof coat, etc. could be chosen depending on the weather and your children’s favorite styles. Another thing to note is that children often sit on the floor, thus, parents should remember to make double layers on their legs.

children winter clothes

Adding boots, mittens and balaclava

Choosing boosts that are warm and water-resistant but allow the feet to breathe at the time. Besides, considering boosts that can be easy to take on and off without help of adults. Regarding mittens, it seems that a pair of small one is preferable since it allows children to use their hand more freely than a big, multi-layers ones. As for keeping the head warm, a balaclava seems to be perfect since it can cover the whole head, including forehead, ears and neck whereas other kind of head can easily let wind to enter here and there.

children winter clothes


Alfred Wainwright, an old British fell walker once said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. Keeping your children warm by choosing the right children winter clothes means letting them study hand, play hard, be healthy and happy throughout the cold school moths.



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