how to make lovely hair clip for baby girls

Little girls look so sweet with hair accessories in their hair, and it is very easy to make your own hair clips, hair bows or hair bands rather than buy them in a store. Today, I will guide you to make lovely hair clip for baby girls. Just some simple steps, you can make adorable hair clip and I am sure that your baby will love it very much!

Materials to make a hair clip

To make a hair clip for baby you need to prepare:

– Alligator hair clips

– Craft ribbon as wide as your clip and about 4 times as long as your clip. You should choose ribbon with sweet colors and lovely pattern

– Scissors

– Double-sided tape

– Fabric with colors and patterns of your choices

– Pearl beads: large, medium and small

– Thread

– Needle

– Hot glue gun

How to cover alligator hair clip in ribbon

– First of all, you need to measure out and cut the right length of ribbon to cover your clip. You should cover the clip completely as it is more comfortable for the little ones and helps the clip to stay in their fine hair.

– Clasp one end of your ribbon inside the hair clip, and then loop the loose end of the ribbon around the outside of the clip and back over the top surface. Cut off the desired length.

– Put each end of the ribbon next to an open flame to prevent any unfurling

– Place a strip of double-sided tape on the inside surface of the ribbon. Don’t remove the backing strip just yet!

– Working in stages, cover the entire hair clip with ribbon. Make sure you press the ribbon into the gap near the hinge. When you get to the final stage, keep the clip open and gently roll the ribbon into place and press down firmly to secure.

I have given you the first step to make hair clip for baby. I will continue mention other steps in the next part. Let’s wait and continue finding!



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