How to choose girls smocked dress for spring summer? (Part 1)

Spring summer is one of the biggest fashion seasons in a year. In this time, every parent always wants their own angels to be outstanding on the crowd, therefore, they always choose beautiful clothes for children. And smocked clothes are often popular choice of them. However, when choosing smocked dress for baby, parents also need to keep basic things in mind. In this article, I will give you some tips when choosing girl smocked dress for spring summer!

Cute caterpillar hand smocked bishop dress

Choose baby smocked dresses with right materials

For children, the most important thing you need to consider when buying clothes is their comfort. No one wants to wear something that is too tight or itchy, especially babies.

As you know babies are very sensitive, they are easy to get allergies and rash, therefore when buying spring summer smocked dress, you also should avoid dresses with rough and stiff materials that are easy to irritate baby’s skin. You need to make sure that the fabric must be soft, breathable, and moveable fabrics. Cotton may be the best choice for you because this material has many adventures, especially it is so baby- friendly!

Choose baby smocked dresses with right size

Spring summer is known as the seasons of festivals and outdoor activities, so, children like to participate into many activities, so they need a dress that is easy for movement. A right size dress should be got for children so that they can move easily. Don’t select tight dress. Too small smocked dress will make baby feel stifling, uncomfortable and hard to act.

Giraffe A-line smocked dress

A right size smocked dress is one that fits snugly with baby’s body. Base on your angel’s weight and height, you can choose the most suitable one!

Choosing safe girls smocked dress

No matter which dress you choose for baby, you need to ensure it is safe for baby. Simplicity is the best! Safety is over styles! Don’t just look at the beauty of dress, let’s consider the safety of children. Sometimes, you want to choose for your girls a special dress with many decorative details with hope that she will be outstanding on the crowd.

However, redundant details may be potential hazard for baby and they can hinder children’s activities. Therefore, you should stay away from spring smocked dress with too many redundant details and avoid anything that could pose a strangulation hazard for baby such as bow, button, zipper… or you can make sure that all embellishments are strong and secure.

I have shared with you three first tips to choose the best smocked dress for baby girl in spring summer. There are many useful tips that I will mention in the next part! Let’s wait and continue discovering!

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