How to choose girls smocked dress for spring summer? (Part 2)

Spring summer is coming! Have you chosen girl smocked dress for baby girl? In the last part, I shared with you some tips to choose girls smocked dress for this season. Today, I will continue mentioning other experiences. Let’s read and discover now!

Choosing design for spring summer

flower smocked bishop dress

There are many designs of baby smocked dress for this season. Spring summer smocked dress may be smocked bishop dress, A-line dress, yoke and son smocked dress… They may have high collar or no collar, long or short sleeves or sleeveless… They all are beautiful and attractive! You will have wide range to choose from.

However, when choosing design of smocked dress, you should pay attention to children’s characteristic and their preference. Let your angels show their personality by smocked dresses! A dress is just only beautiful when is worn by proper person.

Another point, spring summer is transaction time of year when the weather experiences sunny, cold, windy and rainy day, therefore, you also choose long dress to dress in cold day.

Choosing smocked patterns

flower A-line smocked dress

People said that spring summer is time of proliferation, growing and fresh, so patterns of smocked girl dress for spring summer are which represent for spring summer such as cute animals, fruits, plants…. Smocked patterns are so diversity, so mothers will have a various choice. These patterns are stylized and shown in many different shades, postures and conditions. And they are always hand smocked by color thread in order to make them more exquisite and lively.

One thing you need to remember is that select girl smocked dress with exquisite smocked patterns which have no redundant thread and rough surface because they can scratch baby’s skin.

Choose color for spring summer

Spring summer is the time of the year when you are free to dress kid clothing in lively colors. In spring, bright colors such as yellow, pink and white or blue, green, are all fun colors. Children will look so adorable and fresh!

You also choose some neutral color for baby to easily mix with other clothes.

Respect the child’s preferences

whale smocked bishop dress

It’s good idea to keep kids involved when shopping for girl smocked dress. Sometimes, parents can’t understand children’s thought because adult’s view is different from children’s one. If a parent decides on kid clothes without child’s idea, he may directly refuse to wear it.

To avoid battles over children clothing choices, parents should negotiate with children about color and style of clothes which he wants to. Sometimes, that may be great ideas for you to choose the best clothing.

That’s all I want to share with you when shopping for spring summer smocked dress. If you want to see more beautiful smocked dresses for this season, let’s visit and sign up, there is a various choice for you!



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