How to dress for baby in summer? (Part 1)

The summer months often mean outdoor time during family gatherings, barbecues and other social events. So, dress for baby in summer requires more than a keen sense of baby fashion. How to dress for baby properly in summer? Let read this article and find the answer!

Some remarkable points when dress a newborn in summer

– You need to wear clothes which help baby cool. Dress your baby in cool cotton clothes. Stay away synthetic clothes since they trap heat and can be very uncomfortable for your baby. They may even cause prickly heat rashes.

– You should choose long-sleeved, light baby clothes when out in the sun.

– Get a sun hat for your baby. Make sure it has a wide rim, and that it fits well. It’s best to avoid hats with elastic support which may constrict blood circulation.

– Check your baby frequently to look for signs of overheating, such as hot skin, agitation and lethargy.

– Keep your newborn indoors or in the shade as much as possible during the summer months.

– Pack additional clothing options, both warmer and cooler clothes, in the diaper bag in case weather conditions or the indoor temperature of your location changes.

– Choose suitable nappies. Cotton cloth nappies may be more comfortable and help to prevent heat and nappy rash. If you have to use disposable nappies, keep him in a cool environment and dress for baby appropriately.

I have shared with you some remarkable points when dressing a newborn in summer. Do you want to know more useful information? Let’s wait for the next part, I will continue mentioning steps to put on newborn clothes properly in summer!

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