How to Dress Newborn clothes (Part 2)

Dress clothes for newborn babies are always hard task for young parents. How to dress your newborn properly? In this part, I will continue sharing some ideas to help dress newborn clothes easily! Let read and enjoy it!

Dress weather-appropriate clothing for newborn

As you know, newborns do not have the temperature control that older children have, so parents need to dress them in weather-appropriate clothing.

Newborn babies should not be kept too warm or too cold. You should always check baby’s temperature by touching the infant between the shoulder blades or on the back of the neck. A baby should never be sweaty. The rule of thumb for dressing a newborn is to dress the baby in as many layers as an adult would wear, plus one additional layer. In summer, a sleep suits alone should be warm enough at night, but one can add a wearable blanket in cooler conditions. When it is very hot, a bodysuit should be enough. It is important to note that premature babies may need some extra heat until they have grown to the same size as full term babies.

Thick and insulated fabrics like fleece and cashmere are good for colder months. Light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and bamboo, are ideal for warmer climates.

Keeping Babies Safe

Safety is the most important thing parents need to pay attention when buying newborn clothes for baby. Babies should not be dressed in clothing that is too tight in the neck, at the wrists, or at the ankles. Avoid newborn clothes with cords and ties as these types of garments can choke or suffocate the baby. Buttons, zipper and decorated details will make the baby clothes more attractive, however, they may cause hazards for infant. Loose buttons can become choking hazards, and zippers may pinch the skin. Therefore, you should stay away clothes that have too much complicated details which can be potential hazards for newborn.

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