Main question about Babeeni smocked baby clothes

Do you know Babeeni- the wholesale baby clothing? Do you like the traditional and timeless smocked baby outfits? And do you want discovery even more interesting information about smocked baby clothes? Through this article, you can find some appropriate answer for your questions!

Question 1: What are quality standards of Bebeeni?

Babeeni smocked baby clothes which tailored to US market are designed with the three main quality standards: Safe for baby, Comfort easy for movement and Beautiful design.

The beautiful and elegant design could attract lots of customers. However, Babeeni believes that smocked baby clothes also need to safe and comfortable for our little customers. Baby skin is so sensitive and delicate, any small scratch or itchy point on your baby skin could be harmful. That is the reason why Babeeni brand products have to meet these strict quality standards.

Question 2: What are the most used Babeeni fabrics for the US smocked baby clothes?

Babeeni uses cotton as the main fabric materials to make smocked baby clothes. Most of  Babeeni smocked clothes make from 90% cotton. It is the natural, soft, comfortable, and baby-friendly fabric garment. Besides, cotton can absorbs sweat which makes your child feel comfortable and do not overheat in the summer day. Cotton also is the fairly lightweight material, so it is convenient for washing and storage.

There is some Babeebi main fabric which made from 100% cotton such as Gingham, plain, seersucker, stripe, polka dot, chevron.  These smocked fabrics are not only high quality and flame resistant but also beautiful with the variety of color and option.

Question 3: Which is the main design of Babeeni smocked baby clothes?

Babeeni smocked clothes include the wide range of stunning design and elegant styles. There is the simple design with not so much complex and detail decorations and patterns. However, Babeeni smocked clothes will make your kid beautiful as well as comfortable and safe.

Most of Babeeni smocked clothes design are not included with a large bow, large button, zipper, so it is totally safe for baby skin. Parents don’t need to worry about the choking hazard problems. Smocked bishop dress with exquisite smocked patterns is one the best highlight of the brand. There are some examples of Babeeni smocked baby clothes as following:

Rainbow flower red smocked dress – DR 1632

Small red chevron smocked dress with angle sleeve. Flower smocked pattern on the chest with buttons on top the back for easy putting on or off.

Sailboat boy smocked longalls for Independent Day – BC 591

Stunning sailboat hand smocked outfit for boys, the button on the top for easy dressing on and off, the exquisite sailboat smocked pattern on the chest

Adorable princess smocked bishop dress – DR 2157

 Beautiful baby girl dress with princess’ hand smocked pattern around the neck, short sleeves and buttons at back for dressing easily. Beautiful bow and geometric smocked on the chest, white T-shirt.

Geometric Smocked newborn boy clothes- BC 077

Traditional boys smocked sets, buttons at back of boy top, elastic at back of boy’s bottom  for easy dressing, geometric smocked pattern

Sweet blue geometric smocked dress – DR 2617

Adorable blue plain fabric with geometric and floral smocked patters dress to make it perfect for the spring-summer time. Flower and geometric smocked pattern on top, longbow, and ruffles are added.

Lime green smocked romper BC 422

Traditional boys smocked sets, buttons at back for easy dressing, elastic at back of boy’s bottom.

Question 4: The Main feature of Babeeni smocked patterns?

With the timeless design, the main feature of Babeeni smocked patterns is traditional geometric hand-smocked, which are carefully made with unique hand-made smocking technique. There are some lovely smocked patterns such as flower, animal, fruit, ice-cream, Disney characters.

More than ten-year working experiences in US market, the Babeeni hand-smocked technique is not only beautiful and exquisite smocked patterns; they are also the work of art and piece of master craftsmanship. With these unique hand-smocked patterns, your babies are more gorgeous and cuter.

Question 5: What are benefits purchasing Babeeni smocked baby clothes?

Babeeni always wished to bring the highest quality smocked baby clothes at affordable price. Their slogan: “Bring the best values for customers”, or “Working hard like little bees. Babeeni is ready to support and serve customers with the fast-respond services.

Especially, when purchasing smocked baby clothes at Babeeni, you can choose from hundred of available smocked designs or customize your own smocked clothes with your brand label. The customer can change any of their desire fabric and personal smocked patterns as well as monogrammed items.




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