Smocked Clothing’s Laundry Care to kids

All new mothers worry about how to wash their new baby’s smocked clothing without irritating their sensitive skin. Big-name detergent companies have caught on to this and a variety of special detergents, just for babies, line the shelves of all the major retailers. The problem is their expensive price for mother’s choosing to wash smocked infant clothing.


But it is not necessary to buy speciality detergent to wash the newborn’s smocked clothes. Detergent companies have created dye-free and fragrance-free detergents that can be used on smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing. Just finish off the wash cycle with an extra rinse to make sure all the soap is out of smocked suits for babies, and you’ll be all set.


If you avoid using fragrance-filled dryer sheets and opt for unscented dryer sheets or dryer balls instead, and should run your wash through an extra rinse cycle, you can do the entire family’s laundry all at once with smocked infant clothes, saving both time and energy.



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