The best Thanksgiving gift for your baby

Thanksgiving is the occasion to show and teach your baby about appreciation. It’s a good idea to have everything prepared in advance. Preparation from arranging food to setting the perfect holiday atmosphere is precisely what makes Thanksgiving such a wonderful holiday.

It’s your baby’s first Thanksgiving—so you have more than usual to be thankful for this year. This is the time to start new traditions, introduce your baby to old ones, and enjoy this holiday with your new family.

We’ve come up with some ways to make sure your baby’s first Thanksgiving will be a memory you’ll treasure forever.

  1. Have a Photo Shoot of all members

Whether you choose a photoshoot with a photographer at a studio or you just snap some photos at home with a personal camera, you’re going to want to capture these memories. Pick a cute outfit with oranges, browns, and yellows to capture the colors of fall. The patterns such as pumpkins, turkey, fallen leaves, and fall flowers are the must for a Thanksgiving-themed photo.

  1. Make a Thanksgiving Video

Take a few minutes to capture a video of your baby on Thanksgiving. If you can get a shot of your baby reacting to the giant pumpkin, or a few seconds of baby napping on somebody’s overstuffed food belly, you’ll have a video which melts the heart of anyone watching it. Ask each person to say a message to your baby for the future, too, so he’ll enjoy watching it for years later.

  1. Choose a Special gift

What about gifts for our beloved babies on this special occasion? With so many things in your minds, it can be easy to forget about exchanging gifts with our loved ones. Among those, clothing is suggested as the best choice. It is both practical and meaningful.

There are lots of adorable options for a special outfit. Among these, smocked clothing featuring the Thanksgiving motif is an exceptional choice. If your baby is a girl, you can choose a smocked dress or smocked bubble with so typical patterns of Thanksgiving.


If your baby is a little boy, you have several options of longalls with smocked turkey or clothing set featuring pumpkin.

  1. Gathering Family Together

Thanksgiving is all about togetherness, so bring your family together. Maybe there are relatives your baby hasn’t met or doesn’t see often, and this is a good occasion to make them closer. Make sure to invite them by or go to them and have a happy time together. If you’re too far away to be together in person, then make an appointment to Skype with family. Family is important. No matter what happens, they’re still the ones who love and adore your children almost as much as you do.

  1. Make a “Thankful Tree”

Another easy craft which so funny to do together is making a “Thankful Tree”. This is another chance for you to have a craft you can make annually that will not only show much your baby has grown but as she develops language you’ll have fun and cute snapshots of what she loves most at each stage. In this way, you can teach your baby to appreciate what she is thankful for, of course.




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