Things to consider before buy your baby swimwear

Hello, sunshine! Because summer is here, our thoughts are turning to the activities involving to the beach, the pool, the splash park, or anything else that involves copious amounts of water!

Swimsuits are probably at the top of your shopping list right now. Take a look at our useful tips to choose the right swimsuit for your baby Little ones look adorable in any type of bathing suit, so it’s a function you’ll want to consider.

Baby Sun Protection

Sun protection is crucial if your baby plays outdoors. Full-coverage suits from rash guards is ideal for protecting babies’ sensitive skin. Lots of baby swimwear also boasts sun-blocking properties—you might see it measured in either SPF (Sun Protection Factor and measures the amount of time it takes for sun-exposed skin to turn red) or UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor and measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin.)

Swim Diapers

Think about convenience. If you’re buying swimwear for a potty-training toddler, a two-piece suit that’s easy to pull down is helpful. For a squirmy, slippery baby, you might find a one-piece zippered swimsuit convenient. And some parents forgo disposable swim diapers altogether in favor of swimsuits with built-in diapers.

Focus on Comfort

If you’re like many moms, you know how uncomfortable the wrong bathing suit can be! When you shop for a suit, pay attention to the little details: Will the straps leave red marks? Will the waistband be too tight? Will the suit ride up uncomfortably? Look for a soft material that will be gentle on skin and stretchy for maximum comfort.

Consider Durability

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest suit out there, but it won’t be a bargain if you have to replace it after one wear. Saltwater, chlorine, and the sun’s rays can all take a major toll on fabric. Choose a suit that will stand up to the elements … lycra, nylon, and polyester tend to be durable.

A Few of Our Favorite Swimsuits for Babies

Ready to hit the pool (or beach)? It’s time to start shopping! Here are some swimsuits that caught our eye recently.




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