What should and should not have in a baby’s wardrobe?

While Babeeni are common and usually safe, it’s still important to examine the for possible dangers.

We give some tips on how to choose comfy, cute that will not harm baby.

1.      Avoid Embellishments on baby smocked dress

Baby smocked dresses are an ideal outfit for newborns since the fabrics are soft. When choosing babies’ clothes, we should avoid some features such as zippers, snaps, or buttons as embellishments. Buttons can make a great choking hazard to babies and other young kids when it is in reach of kid’s tiny fingers. Ribbons and ties that embellish may look cute, but they can be unsafe for babies. Zippers may catch the skin and cause great pain for a baby as well. When choosing a , the simpler is the better. Being easy to wear and wash will be the best choice.

Most will have snaps on the bottom. They are in that place because they are easy to change diaper. These items are usually tucked out of sight and reach of a baby. 

2.      Fabric is important on choosing baby smocked dress

In addition, to avoid scratchy fabric, most parents stay away from synthetic fabrics. Most synthetic materials can be a dangerous fire hazard. Choosing the right fabric is so important for . Natural fabrics are always best. To keep babies comfortable, cotton and wool will be soft for kid’s skin and allow the skin’s surface to breathe. Cotton/spandex blends will stretch and move with baby. Babeeni is a new option for as well. Babeeni’s made by cotton fabrics keeps a baby comfy as it helps to regulate temperature. It also has antibacterial properties and is hypoallergenic.

3.      Avoid using drawstrings on smocked dress

One of the most dangerous issues on is drawstrings. It is often appeared on smocked girls dress, baby’s pajamas or other items. Drawstrings are usually gotten caught in cribs and can lead to strangulation for kids. It is much safer when buying cute kid clothes with other means of closure.

  1.     Other safety issues on smocked dress

Many people do not suspect lead paint in smocked dress, but it can cause problems with the brain and entire nervous system. It is also wise to buy that fits securely. Loose knitted fabric can become wrapped around different parts of a baby’s body and cause issues with circulation.

It is essential to understand which smocked dress will be safe for a baby. There are many options for baby clothes, but choosing simple items will be best. Babeeni is also a right place for your choosing. Selecting the best smocked dress at Babeeni will keep baby happy, safe, and comfortable.




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